How You Make Money

Your crew arrives on time at your customer’s residence or business in a clean, shiny truck. They remove any unwanted items and charge your customer a fee.


Full truck load rate is $625-800 (depending on area). Average job is half a truck load. Our prices include all the labour,time, mileage and tip fees. Customers are charged based on volume of RUBBISH in the truck.


The trucks are Isuzu NPR Diesels. The hydraulic box is 1.5 metres high, 2.0 metres wide, 3.5 metres long (10.5 cubic metres). Trucks can be leased or purchased.


Your friendly, uniformed crew does all the loading and lifting. And they do a thorough sweep up of the site before they leave. We take anything that two people can lift as long as it is not hazardous or toxic. Your crew then takes the items to recyclers, charities, scrap metal dealers or tips.


Each franchise consists of an area of approximately 250,000 – 500,000 in residential population. The territories are exclusive to your franchise based on postcodes.


In between jobs, your crew does local marketing including flyer drops, truck waves and erecting signs. This marketing drives calls into our 24-hour call centre. Our call centre agents handle all the bookings, scheduling and follow-up calls using our proprietary software JunkNet, which also handles all online bookings. You manage every aspect of your business and financials using JunkNet.


In addition to managing your truck crews, you spend time calling commercial clients including property managers, realtors and contractors.


Gradually you add more trucks and crews. The revenue potential is endless! Ideally you will spend the first 3-6 months working in the trucks to get a solid understanding of your business and customers. After that, our most successful franchise partners only work on the trucks while training new employees.


Your $125k investment includes franchise fees, down payments for two trucks, start-up costs and $45k for working capital. The royalties are 8% of gross revenue. There are two additional ongoing fees: 7% sales centre co-op fund and 1% national advertising co-op fund (both are non-profit for franchisor).


We offer extensive ongoing support to our franchise partners including Start-up Training, Weekly Coaching, Public Relations department, Marketing department, Field Advisors, Regional Conferences, Annual Conferences, Truck Team Webex presentations, National Accounts & Strategic Alliances department, Help Desk and more!