Rubbish we recycle

Our rubbish removal teams are able to recycle many items including the ones listed below:

Green Waste / Biomass

Yard trimmings, trees, branches, grass, trunks, shrubbery and brush

Household Items

Food waste, packaging, clothing, light bulbs, magazines, textbooks, boxes, ect...

Construction / Demolition Debris

Lumber, concrete, asphalt, masonry, wallboard, roofing, insulation, carpeting, fly ash, clay bricks


Ferrous (iron, steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum, copper, stainless) metals


Bottles, building glazing, automobile glass, mirrors, ect...


Packaging, bottles, empty drums, mixed plastics, HDPE, LDPE, PET

Paper / Cardboard

Office paper, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, paper packaging, phonebooks, medium-density fiberboard, mixed paper

Tires & Rubber Products

On-road and off-road vehicle tires, bicycle tires, treads, ect...

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

CRT monitors, computers, electronics, fluorescent tubes, batteries, personal computers, screens & displays, televisions


Household stoves, fridges, freezers, ect...

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